infoblokk_kedv_final_felso_cmyk_en_ERFAThe „Tender TDM improvement for the tourism of future” is fulfilled in the villages Balatonmáriafürdő-Balatonkeresztúr.

Balatonmáriafürdő-Balatonkeresztúr Touristic Association terminated the tender announced in the frame of South-Transdanubia Regional Operative Program titled „TDM improvement for the tourism of future” successfully.

The sum of support won during the tender: was 49,98 million Forint. (Rate of support 85 %.)

From this is fulfilled the touristic improvement consisting of basically three areas – building, device supply, service development –, most important parts of which are: creating new touristic office, 2 roofed relaxing resorts and tour routes, forming local informational system, marketing devices and event organisation.

The tender handed in to the New Széchenyi Plan South-Transdanubia Operative Program supporting system titled „TDM improvement for the tourism of future”, signed DDOP-2.1.3/C-12-2012-0005 was terminated on 31st March 2015.