For tour-lovers

  • Easy trip: Balatonmáriafürdő –Balatonkeresztúr – Bokros-hill - 5 km

Balatonkeresztúr túraútvonal  Pince irányába.jpgThe trip is offered to be done on foot or by bike. One of the most beautiful parts of the tour can be found on the Bokros-hill, by the old press houses, where breath-taking Balaton panorama unfolds. The highest point is by a cross, which can be reached by an only 25 minutes’ walk starting from the Keresztúr church along the cart-track. (153 meter)

  • Warm-up cycling: Western Belt Channel - 15 km back and forth

nyugati övcsatorna.jpgRoutes: Western belt channel Eastern beach - Kéthely bridge - big Berek - Kéthely - Balatonújlak – Western belt channel Western beach

Note: There are holes on the route by the channel beach, which make the travel difficult, or even they mean challenge for the lovers of off-road. There can occur big puddles in rainy times. Further parts of the route can be toured easily at any time.

  • Bokros-hill tour – 5-10 km

Balatonkeresztúr túraútvonal 2.jpgWe offer for tourists, who like smaller tours. The saved cellars can be viewed on the earlier mentioned Bokros-hill, which can not only be seen in our settlement, but also reach to Balatonberény lying next to us. The tour route thanked to the signing, can be toured easily with the fascinating panorama and it is our trip place girdled with the memories of past. It is worth to dash the landscape with mountain bike, if we are lovers of biking. Only a small part of the area is asphalted, or shingly, so it offers a smaller challenge for the bikers.




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