Visitor Centre and Guest house8648 Balatonkeresztúr, Ady Endre Str. 26.


The Mátyás Bél visitor centre opened in 2014, established from the former Festetics lordship, kicked on fire the wider introduction of the South-western Balaton area, which consists of two building complexes – visitor centre with guest house, and playhouse. The celebrated scientist, writer, traveller spent longer time here as a guest of Kristóf Festetics in the winter of 1731, as a memory for this the institute was named after him. The multimedia steady exhibition showing the natural and cultural values of Balaton, of our village and of the surrounding got place in the multifunctional monument building. The visitors can view permanent artistic exhibitions in the domed Baroque halls of the sun-shone Korridor Gallery, who can buy products, different souvenirs produced by vicinal craftsmen in the „Green shop” at the reception. We organise high-standard cultural and informing programs, lectures, conferences besides the exhibitions in our big room, and here take place the local registry wedding ceremonies. Besides, there is the possibility for renting the rooms. Refreshing beautiful is the 1225 litres aquarium of the small room, in that swim fish of Balaton. The guest house found in the loft waits for the holiday-makers with 7 modern styled rooms with bath, who can pass the time in the day-room with different board games, watching TV, or can read among the 300 books, literature collection of the library connected to Balaton. The reading corner resorts for all visitors. The huge, groomed garden offers beautiful view, on the western side of which coverable outdoor pool and sauna wooden house and cattle place, shady trellis make relaxation pleasant.


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