Monument Cellar RowBalatonkeresztúr, Bokros-hill

Our 22 old cellars stand under protection of the local authority in the area of Bokros-hill. These are reflective members of the old-time folk architecture. More buildings conserved their original forms keeping also the inner furnishing or slightly converted.

It is interesting that the walls were made of the clay of Bokros-hill. The covering of the roof was ensured from the good quality cane of Balaton and Nagyberek. It is offered to trip to Bokros-hill also for those who are not obliged to the wine culture, as overwhelming beautiful panorama opens to Balaton from the hilltop. The wine production has been known in the area of Transdanubia for ages. Two stations of the South-Balaton wine road can be found in our settlements. The locally produced wines can be consumed in more restaurants. Mostly those white grape kinds are indigenous in the area, which are appropriate to the production of the wines and champagne popular nowadays with fruity and mild elegance. From the red wines the climate of the area is appropriate mostly for production of Burgundy type, tasty red wines.  The grown red vine types: Kékfrankos, Pinot noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Criteria of the local red wines are the pleasant, mild acid content, special smell. Our wines give back the pleasant feeling of the sunshine at Balaton.




Műemlék pincesor
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