Kersztelő Szent János Catholic Church8649 Balatonberény, Kossuth Lajos str. 58.

The Catholic Church was built around 1350, in the Anjou ages and it is one of the rare buildings of the Hungarian gothic architecture which is still standing.

During the battles with the Turkish it was seriously damaged, but the Hunyady family renovated the church around 1733. The baroque tower was built at the occasion of the renovation but the altar, the pillars, the entrance and the windows together with the atmosphere of the calm garden takes us back to the ages of a great historical period of our country, when king Lajos (Louis) was reigning.

In the shadows of the trees, we can discover the statue of St. Vendel (554? – 617?) installed in this garden in 1793. The cult of this saint was probably founded by the German population settled in Hungary during the 18th century.




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    8649 Balatonberény, Kossuth Lajos str. 58.
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    +36 85 377 684

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