Gulya Csárda8710. Balatonszentgyörgy, Kossuth L. u. 7.

Our restaurant can be found in the south corner of Lake Balaton, next to Balatonszentgyörgy, 12km far from Keszthely, along the mainroad of 76 and it is open all year. It is near to Fly Balaton Sármellék (about 10 km) and two exits of the M7 highway. The cycle path which goes around the lake passes by the restaurant. We have a special menu for the cyclists.

While you are waiting for the your food, the children don not have to be bored! We have a big grove with grass and trees – safe far from the road. The children can have a good time on this playground with the wooden toys and sand pit. A little lookout can be found on the top of the restaurant where you can see a beautiful scene of Balatonszentgyörgy; the Little-Balaton Nature Conservation Area and the famous Hungarian greycattle herd.

Our restaurant has a very unique outlook! The building is special and attractive not only with its outside but its inside too. The spacious interior is beautiful, and in winter the special old style oven does this place cosy – in an enjoyable semidarkness with a glass of wine…
In front of the restaurant there is a huge luminous car park. Our restaurant can be easy of approach from the car park with wheelchair too.
Come and see us, try our Hungarian food specialities, and our daily offers! We have menu, special  offers and discount for groups.


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