Balatonmáriafürdő, Central Pay-strandBalatonmáriafürdő, Gróf Széchényi Imre 9.

It can be found in 9. Earl Imre Széchényi square, possesses about twenty thousand square metres green area, is appropriate for receiving more than two-thousand people. It waits for tourists in totally renewed surroundings, with high-standard services (WC, showers, changing-rooms). The water depth at the stepping-in is 60-70 centimetres and gradually deepening. Cultural events take place on the free stage built behind the strand building at the times dated in the program plan. In the months of June-August animators amuse the guests.

Opening hours of the cashier are 8-18 hours – after cashier closing it can be visited as free strand until 22 o’clock.

The play grounds and sport courts can be resorted free. The water bike can be resorted for fee – and the sport accessories renting, the tambourine, the sun-bed and body-painting. There is possibility for free parking direct in the shadowy car park in front of the strand. Capacity is ca. 200 cars, bike storage is solved both inside and outside the area of the strand.


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    Balatonmáriafürdő, Gróf Széchényi Imre 9.

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